Still In My Feelings

In the most recent podcast episode I opened up a bit about how my Valentine’s night went. The day has never been the easiest day as of late. It’s the same date as our late dad’s birthday. Of course I’m in deep thought during the entire day. What sucks is when you get excited about something for days and then get let down when it doesn’t happen. We’re all human and things happen. I’ve been studying the skill of communication lately, and it is very important for people that care about each other to communicate. I do have the responsibility to tell exactly how I feel and why. (Not just by airing it out over a podcast episode). As Stan said at the end of the episode be understanding of other people’s feelings and situations. Moving forward I’m going to try and keep that in mind. No one likes to be stressed out for two nights in a row and have to go through an entire bottle of bourbon. Aye it happens. I’ll be out my feelings before the week’s end though. We have a podcast to record.

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